Everyday, millions of people fly. I’d guess most everyone hates the process. As with most things in life, happy people make everything better (they’re more productive, etc)–and it’s contagious!


  • Better seating
  • More A/C outlets
  • Free wifi
  • Smoking rooms


  • Allow people to use electronic devices the whole time
  • Turn on the entertainment system and A/C before passengers board and leave them on until people are off the plane
  • USB charging stations on each seat
  • Assigned overhead bins
  • Some sane amount of free alcohol (maybe 1 drink per 4 hours)
  • A light snack (research points to about 300 calories per 3 hours)
  • Treat people like adults!

There are some other ideas in this article on Salon.

Beyond these, improved communication and more travel options would be fantastic. What would you like to see?