What can you write about yourself that will please everyone? Nothing. Pretend that instead of the text below you read the most eloquent biography that expresses greatness tempered with ample humility.

Personally, I like to live, learn, and love, which is normal, I think. Like most people, I’m perfect in theory but have some flaws in the execution.

Professionally, I am an experienced, motivated, and business-savvy software engineering leader with a passion for creating great products and growing effective teams. See my resume for more. The social side of software is particularly interesting to me. Coding is hard; maintaining quality across a team is even harder. How do you keep teams strong and cohesive? How do you balance the needs of the business with the needs of the software? What is the right level of abstraction? What can we do to create things more quickly? How can we improve (all the things)? These are a few of the problems that fascinate me.

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