Humans spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Not all the time is spent on bodily functions, but I think “poddying” is generally a waste of time–a human weakness! Is there any research on how to eliminate waste in the human body? For example, instead of creating urine you might be able burn up (metabolize) excess fluid. Urination expels waste, but sweat does too; that leads me to believe there are natural alternatives available (like a drug to route excess water to the skin instead of the bladder). Even solid wastes might be expelled in a more comfortable, scheduled way. If commercials are any indication, a large segment of the population regularly experiences discomfort associated with bodily functions, so this seems like a natural path for research: put people in control of their own body!

I’m not a biologist and this is  not at all my field, so I’d love to hear if I have missed any potential research or misunderstood the human machine.