“When do you wet your toothbrush?” an uncle once asked me. I don’t remember how it came up, but my reply was “before and after I put on the toothpaste.” He quickly replied, “Then you’re a freak!” I paused to think about my action and, after some rumination, I stated my case: “I wet the toothbrush first so the paste goes onto soft bristles. I wet the toothbrush again to soften the toothpaste.” Of course, doing this wetting ritual only once would achieve the same effect, but it’s my routine!

I’ve always been a bit of an optimizer: I try to accomplish the most tasks in the shortest amount of time, so it struck me odd that I was wasting time, not to mention water, by wetting my toothbrush twice. Even now, I catch myself falling into the old routine. Old habits die hard, but we must keep improving!

So, am I a freak for wetting the bristles twice? When do you wet your toothbrush? What are you doing more efficiently now? What routine can you simlpy not break?