Angry Birds is a great game, and it is hugely popular. I would venture to say it is a platform (and I don’t toss that term around lightly now that every startup is a “viral platform” :)). Platform elevates the status and allows–even forces–Rovio to change the way they approach Angry Birds. Here are a few things I’d look to do if I managed Angry Birds.

  • Take advantage of the robust platform: allow people to create levels–get people really involved in the game. Personally, I burn through the official levels in hours and then have to wait an unacceptable amount of time for new content. I play the new levels because there’s nothing better out, but the moment I have other games then Angry Birds is out of sight and mind. User generated content is awesome! A number of other games flourished and increased their staying power when they allowed users to create new content (for example, StarCraft and Half-Life/Counter-Strike).
  • Allow people to create new game elements like birds, pigs, and environmental features. You could add more dynamic pieces like swinging ropes or sand dripping out of a vial.
  • Publish global leaderboards with incentives like badges and special skins, additional content.
  • Create a YouTube channel for Angry Birds. Did you know there are televised Starcraft games? It’s a big deal. Show live footage of pros encountering new levels. Does the top player meticulously size up the level or just run and gun? These videos can help frustrated players get over the hump and defeat some levels.
  • Spin up forums and discussions for each level. Beyond text, I would allow (encourage) videos showing different strategies.
  • Look at scoring based on speed and precision: extreme Angry Birds.
  • Expand into multiplayer capabilities.
  • Keep rocking! I’ve seen Angry Birds in commercials for pistachios and a phone, plus there are plush toys. Great marketing!

Would you enjoy any of these features? What would you do if you managed Angry Birds?