It’s always exciting to read sci-fi novels and discover what the future could look like. Sci-fi movies show it even more vividly. Minority Report has a futuristic gesture-based user interface that looks cool, but I’m not sure I would use it well :)

There’s a lot of space between the Minority Report style and our current interfaces. Research will get us there one day, but in the meantime I would love a user interface where I could simultaneously view arbitrarily many modules (web pages, documents, games, etc.) or submodules (pieces of those things). Each (sub)module could be closed, moved, and resized: think of  iPhone-like controls on all your browser tabs. Windows Alt-Tab preview as well as browsers tab previews are a step in the right direction, but you ultimately choose only one module at a time. Mashups (iGoogle for example) offered are a promising path to achieving this, but I still have not seen dynamically-sized, dynamically-loaded, swappable modules.

If you’ve got the technology, please let me know. If not, create it and send me a link to buy it!