TV is such a dinosaur! If I see something I want in a commercial, I have to use a second–maybe even third–device to find out more and buy it. Let’s say I see a movie trailer and I decide I want to see the movie; currently, the onus is on me to remember. Because we have poor memories, we are inundated with the same trailer as an artificial memory aid.

If a movie is coming out on video, I would like to be able to add it to my Netflix queue or have a reminder to check it out on Redbox. If I see a product that I’d like to buy, it would be nice to have a simpler method than visiting a website, calling a specified number, or both. Voting, like on American Idol, is another clear example of where TV could be more interactive.

Today we have Internet-enabled TVs and on-demand programs, but that’s done little to improve the interactivity. Why have we seen disappointingly little innovation in TV?