Over the weekend I published my resume as a timeline. With the standard text-based resume I found it hard to show my simultaneous jobs (for example, in Spring 2010 I was pursuing my PhD, working part-time at IBM, researching under Christine, teaching/grading Project Management, keeping up the lab’s computing infrastructure, supervising Michael Hanna, assisting a couple companies with their computing needs, and actively participating in two organizations). The timeline allows me to show these jobs at once rather than tacitly asking the reader to juggle all the “X - Present” entries under multiple headings.

Seth Holloway's timeline resume

It was a great project with HTML/CSS and JavaScript! I was inspired by other great infographics, but after I had published the resume, I found there were some other timeline resumes I could have used as a guide. In any case, I like mine and I hope you do too!

Do you see any improvements I could make? Anything that is unclear or hard to use?