Since graduating I’ve had an awesome time building things. I have learned a ton, and I’m excited to continue learning! You can find a sample of my recent work at PairSTREAM. Note: These are mostly proofs of concept or app in indefinite beta. The site highlights a number of apps:

  • Marry Murder Mate - the party game (also known as Fuck Marry Kill, Screw Marry Kill, …) applied to your Facebook friends
  • Facebook Random Messages - digital message in a bottle carried on the ocean of Facebook
  • Whichado - an event recommendation engine to help people enjoy their time more
  • Social Goals - a simple to-do list with social ties to help motivate and inspire
  • Project Speak Easy - an eLearning site for accent reduction and accent modification
  • Hide and Tweet - anonymous tweeting service for when you need to say something without the high cost of failure the Internet currently brings

These apps use a variety of technologies including Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Google (App Engine), Facebook (apps and ads), Twitter (apps), Heroku, jQuery, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, git, SVN…

Beyond the above apps, I have played with browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox), blogging (Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger), Amazon (Web Services and Affiliate program), Google (search, AdWords, AdSense, Web Elements), Microsoft (BizSpark), iOS, Fog Creek (for Student and Startups - Kiln, FogBugz), node.js (including Joyent’s SmartMachine). I’ve read about many more, but haven’t had a chance to implement anything yet. I’m working to improve my business accumen, marketing abilities, and design skills. So much to do, so little time! But life is good :)

I’m working on some other fun stuff now, but I’ll save that for another post.