April 17, 2008 is the day that the world will remember something great: Seth Holloway’s first bike ride to campus. Despite living further from campus than ever before (and that’s saying something since I’ve been here for 7 years), I took the plunge and rode my bike today.

The five miles took thirty minutes in traffic. I arrived on campus fully awake and sweaty; a combination I had never experienced so early before. My only gripe was a Volvo-driving soccer mom who hugged the curb and kept me from riding up to the stoplight along the curb. All the other drivers were courteous and kind to this noob-biker.

As I get more fit, tune my bike better, and hit lights at the right time I think I could shave off five minutes pretty easily. Here’s to Austin weather staying pleasant enough for bike riding for weeks to come!

Thanks to Mike for excellent advice on the route and helping me to get comfortable riding my bike. Additional thanks to Tony and Dave for helping to acclimate me with the nuances of riding a bike to campus.