Several years ago I started writing my resume in LaTeX. It was a great way to learn LaTeX and have fine-grained control over my resume. Overall, I’m pleased with it, but I must admit that updating and recompiling the file can be a chore.

I’ve had several people ask for my LaTeX resume template, so I figured I would share the wealth. You can find my custom resume file, mostly reduced to a template, in the latex folder of my resume repo on GitHub.

To generate your resume, download and edit the .tex file, then compile (I use pdflatex on Mac, Windows, and Linux). Et voila! You have a nice looking PDF resume.

Update Here’s my reply to the question from Yash.

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want, but I would start by inserting a new contact section
You could also create a new contact command, say a contact header. Compared to the standard contact command you remove the centering and trim it down to whatever number of arguments you want. Here's an example for a left-aligned name.
    {\Large \scshape {#1}}\\ \smallskip
To control the spacing, consider forcing a newpage, then inserting the header like so

Beyond that, you’re on your own! Tinker a bit and see what you come up with.