We’ve all felt the crunch of deadlines and work piling up, as we balance the working world and the life we’re meant to live. In this busy, always-on environment, I am a big fan of getting things done. I am also open to suggestions. In an effort to improve my productivity I went to the “experts” that I found online, namely lifehack–a website touting useful resources in personal productivity. However, the official lifehack blog fills with overblown, verbose posts like this one that took me minutes to read and essentially said… well, nothing.

I prefer the minimalistic approach of http://five.sentenc.es who practice what they preach. We as information consumers should not support these modern-day Dickens who write like they’re paid by the word. Even worse are the wolves-in-sheep-clothing producers who waste your time instead of improving your efficiency. In the interest of not wasting your time, I’m done with this rant now.