I enjoy simple tasks that have big rewards–work smarter, not harder. For example, smile more :)

Another way to be a good person and get noticed (without dramatically altering your way of life) is to leave situations equal to or better than when you found them. Public restrooms would be so much more pleasant if people left them in at least the same state as when they entered. Lift the seat when appropriate; turn off the water–even if you did not turn it on; compact the trash a little with your paper towel; pick up that piece of trash when you’re on the way to the dumpster.

The adage holds for other situations, not just throwing away trash. Looking at someone’s code? Add comments when you figure out the algorithm. If someone asks you for help, take a moment to provide a thorough answer or suggestions on where to find the information. Reply to forums if you stumble upon an unanswered question.

Leaving a situation better than you found it is easy, right, and worthwhile. Take the extra moment and help make the world a better place!