Are you new to HTML/CSS? Knowing the basics of HTML/CSS is extremely useful. Below are a couple options to get started in learning HTML/CSS. There are great resources freely available at and

So you understand there are tags opened and closed with angled brackets, “<” and “>”, now what? To create your site you have two main options: 1) SSH in and poke around. Edit files with your favorite editor (nano, pico, vi, etc.).

2) Modify files locally. This can be done easily two ways:

2a) Download the Web Developer Toolbar addon for Firefox: then restart Firefox. Now you can use the toolbar to Edit CSS and Edit HTML on any page you view. To edit CSS: right click a page->Web Developer->CSS->Edit CSS. To edit html: right click a page->Web Developer->Miscellaneous->Edit HTML. If you find a configuration you prefer, press the save button and keep a copy locally. When you're satisfied, copy your copy to the server (scp, ftp, WinSSH, etc.).
2b) Right click on the web page and choose "View Page Source" to get the html page you're currently viewing. For a pure html page, this will give you everything you need to know. It does not work as well on pages generated by web programming languages (for example, viewing the source of a google page gives you near-nonsense because they've obfuscated the details with their Python generation). This method will work perfectly for the SSE page, With the html page in view, you should be able to find a style declaration. In the SSE index.html you'll see
<style media="screen" title="currentStyle" type="text/css">@import "SSE.css";</style>
So point your browser to the indicated style file; in this case You'll then have the style files.

Now you’re on your way to figuring out the Internet! View and edit your favorite pages or create your own. If you see something you like, view the HTML/CSS and learn! It’s quick, easy, and useful. Good luck!

Did I miss something? Was this useful? How did you learn HTML/CSS?

Update: Thanks for the help, Steve and Lane.