I have been searching for good fantasy books and there’s no shortage of suggestions. One suggestion was to pick something from the Hugo Awards. The Hugo Awards recognize the best sci-fi and fantasy novels, which is a huge body of work. I was frustrated that I could not find a more granular categorization–where do you start with a list of 280+ critically acclaimed books? Knowing at least the genre would help a lot. Since I couldn’t find a categorized list of Hugo Award winners, so I decided to create it.

I noticed that most of the books had Wikipedia entries that included a “Genre” entry in the sidebar, so I grabbed the additional information. Below is a list of the Fantasy novels that were nominated for or won the Hugo award. Enjoy and happy reading!

This task was made bearable by scripting the look-ups with Beautiful Soup in Python. If you’re interested, the source is available as categorizing-hugo-award-winners on GitHub.

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