Preface: I’m not hurt and the situation is now resolved. Earlier this semester I was hit by a car while riding my bike home, and it sucked.

I stopped at a four-way stop that’s less than half a mile from my house. I look around before proceeding and all I see is a car maybe one hundred feet down the street to my right–plenty of time to stop. So I scoot through the intersection and as I’m almost out I notice something peculiar out of the corner of my eye: the car is not stopping. I instinctively picked up my feet and then felt my bike jerk violently. My feet slammed down on the pavement and I was stunned.

Back Tire After Getting Hit

A couple other cars went through the intersection and the guy that hit me kept rolling. I dropped my bike and pulled out my phone so I could call 911 and snap a picture of the perp. Just then he stopped. I ran over with no clear purpose, then thought better of it and stopped to call my wife and the police. The guy comes over and apologizes, but I wasn’t having any of it. When the cop arrived the driver was ticketed and we exchanged information. From there, Progressive and the Peddler got me sorted out.

Getting hit by a car sucks, but virtually every biker I talked to about it had a similar war story. It’s a shame. Be safe out there cyclists!