Does anyone know of a website or method to be notified when your favorite artist is coming to town?

For example, I’d love to see Mike Doughty, Ben Folds, and They Might Be Giants in concert, but I always miss the ticket sales. I’ve tried to check their websites periodically, but I forget for a few months then miss the show. I’ve listened for announcements on the radio, but I do not listen to the radio consistently enough. Most recently, I’ve subscribed to RSS feeds from my favorite artists and this method is working, although I feel it is suboptimal.

My brother just mentioned a similar experience where he missed seeing the guitar-thumping virtuoso Andy McKee. (If you don’t know what I mean when I say “guitar-thumping virtuoso,” check Andy out below.)

While not the pressing issue in the world, not receiving relevant and timely updates for artists seems to be a common issue. Is there a solution? Show your 1337ness and help me out. Any tips would be appreciated!