After watching Sicko I have been more interested in the American health care situation. I don’t trust the government to provide high-quality health care coverage. Moore speaks highly of the English system, but a common perk for jobs in the UK (private health care coverage) suggests that the system is less than perfect. Benefits of America’s quasi-privatized system are a wash: a person can receive care, but insurance rarely covers the entire cost of operations and medicine. There are a number of other issues at work (governmental regulations, the patent system, market competition, a lack of care for mentally-ill, …); however, my intent for this post is not to cover any of these complex issues, nor is it to enrage people or debate over the advantages and disadvantages of private health care. Instead, I simply want to share a solution that I find very clever and achievable: Let Wal-Mart Fix American Health Care.

If they can roll back prices on so many everyday products, they should be able to hardball health care providers and pass the savings on to the consumers. I’ll worship the Church of Wal-Mart if it saves me any of the $3,600 a year I pay for health care for my family.