I feel like I should write about something more insightful because of the title, but instead I’m linking (hence a link) to 10 things you can learn to do with your body. My father in law can whistle like a New Yorker. Reading this article has given me insight into how to do the same–and nine other tricks. Some are lame or ill-explained, but we take the good with the bad.

My grandpa and Jason can make their ears wiggle like jello on a washing machine! Unfortunately, that one was not covered in the article, so I may never know how to do it… I can flare my nostrils though! Go me!

On the serious side, now is a good time to learn a new skill and expand your network in order to improve your chances of being employed. As Mike told me, people should have two separate careers. I’m a grad student and a maverick–I think my future is bright!