I'm Looking for Seth Holloway

One of my goals in purchasing sethholloway.com is to carve out my own niche on the Internet superhighway–the series of tubes invented by a politician from Tin-uh-see. However, as I google myself (which is even dirtier than it sounds) I can’t help but feel that my job is not yet done. Many of my friends and peers have amazingly unique names, for example “Jason” or “Steve,” yet they are the top search results when you search for them!

All my life I thought I was unique. I recently discovered that everybody poops and more than two people per city are named Seth. Unfortunately for me, “Seth Holloway” is more popular statistically than “Seth <any other last name>” and as a result, there are a lot more Seth Holloways out there than I realized. But you know what? I’m the only one with www.sethholloway.com! :-p

If you, fair visitor, are another Seth Holloway please create sethholloways.com so we can differentiate ourselves. If you are looking for another Seth Holloway, I wish you luck on your quest.