Idea: Combine Social Media and AI to Mitigate Quarter-life Crises

Like all generations, my generation is unique. Broadly, we are digital natives who don’t want to waste our lives. Our generally delayed launch goes hand-in-hand with the fact thatĀ 20-somethings are experiencing quarter-life crises like none other. While previous generations were interested in independence and making it themselves, I think the current generation wants to move forward in the best way possible and they’re willing to wait for inspiration to strike.

To help people make informed decisions, I believe we can apply artificial intelligence to social media and report the results. An analysis of (semi-) public information including shared/retweeted links, blog posts/comments, and anything we “like” would certainly lead to conclusions about the person. If you analyze a person in this way, you could determine interests and broadĀ competencies. This report alone would be powerful, but we could extend the system to match careers, people, places, etc. that match the interests. Now, the aimless 20-something has a jumping-off point that is completely personalized.

As far as I know, this does not yet exist. The closest thing I can find is my6sense, which mines your social streams and helps you find the best content. Does anyone know of an instantiation of what I’m talking about? Would you be willing to use such a system? How would you improve it? Let me know!