A friend did not know about Find/Replace in document editors. Instead of replacing all occurrences of a word she was rereading an assignment. I showed her Find/Replace which not only found every occurrence, including some she had missed, the feature also saved her several minutes. As Kip says, “I still love technology! Always and forever.”

This random tidbit merely illustrates the benefits of being technical / surrounding yourself with technical people. Work smarter, not harder!

For anyone that does not know, most word processors and text editors (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, etc) have a feature that lets you find words and phrases matching your input. You can even replace the words and phrases. This functionality can save hours if you want to alter the style of a document, for example adding two spaces after a period. Find a period followed by a space, replace it with a period followed by two spaces. You can get fancier with regular expressions, but this is a start.