In 2023 I focused a little less on books, allowing myself more time for podcasts, lectures, talks, etc. I read 33 books across a variety of genres.

I was delighted by Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights as well as Brandon Sanderson’s Surprise! novels (my favorite was The Sunlit Man for its glimpse into the Cosmere).

I really enjoyed the Elon Musk biography by Walter Isaacson because it provided more context around one of the world’s most news-worthy characters.

My son and I read a few young adult books together, which marks a new chapter where we can enjoy the same things – I love it!

Since having a child, I have enjoyed the thought exercise of deciding what advice I would capture and pass on, and I think Kevin Kelly’s collection of advice is a great start.

Dr. Becky’s viral parenting book, Good Inside, was one of my favorite non-fiction books and one that I would recommend to everyone. It helped me on my quest to get better every day.

2023 had its share of highs and lows. I am grateful for so many things, including an endless supply of fantastic reads. Here’s to a wonderful 2024!