This morning I received an email titled

Lane added you to the group "Close Friends and Family."

Followed shortly thereafter by this one:

Lane Holloway changed the name of the group "Close Friends and Family" to "Friends and Family".

Opening the emails reveals a link to Facebook. When I asked my brother, he said he had no idea it would email people. Good thing he did not make a group for people he does not like…

The idea behind Facebook Groups is good: organize your connections and filter the appropriate information to them; however, I do not like that others would know what group they are in–informing people is a user’s choice. By informing people that they won’t receive all your updates, you defeat the purpose of selective correspondence. For example, “Oh, Seth put me in group ‘no updates for you’… I thought he just didn’t use facebook cry” That’s, of course, a made up example. I love everyone :)