Last semester I received an energetic email about offering UT students one-on-one interaction with local software professionals. At first, I did not understand the vision (sorry Sukant!), but I felt it was worth pursuing so I replied. After a couple emails I was on-board and ready to help out with the noble vision. Basically, students graduate with a lot of skills, but they still have a lot left to learn before they’re truly effective in industry. Why don’t we augment the curriculum and arm students with the skills they need while they’re still in school? From this simple idea, Austin Software Mentorship was born. It’s a really cool group and I’m proud of where it’s going! I’ve met a lot of incredible local people and been humbled and impressed by their range of skills. I have a lot to learn :)

So why am I am posting? To announce the first major event!

What: Professional-grade classwork: How software professionals might code your homework and projects Where: TAY 3.128 When: 7pm Thursday, February 11th More Information PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CLASSWORK How software professionals might code your homework and projects Local software professionals will introduce concepts, techniques, and tools essential to software development in industry.  Students in a software discipline are encouraged to work these practices into their software classwork. Pizza and beverages will be provided.

I encourage any student or software professional to join the mailing list and get involved; I promise you won’t be disappointed.