Posting Drought

Some of you may have noticed that my post frequency has gone from one-a-day to about one-a-week. I reduced posting over the break as I had originally intended to be in Thailand. When that fell through I decided to try and take a vacation locally—that meant I quit my RSS habit and my blogging as well as school and work. In general, posts should decrease because I’m sharing interesting articles over Google Reader instead of my blog, so some of the shorter, link posts are out. I’m still wickedly entertaining and full of great links, but less frequently on the blog.

Now that the semester has started back up, I’m busy! I’m working hard to get SEAP off the ground as my PhD topic. SEAP is an awesome idea that could change the world and bring aware homes to the masses—who doesn’t like that? With a number of exciting directions, I’m jazzed to research more!

I’m taking INF385, Introduction to Usability in laymen’s terms. It’s an awesome class taught by Dr. Randolph Bias; he has a great style, lots of cred, and teaches the closest thing to HCI that UT has. The class also ties in nicely to possible directions for SEAP. I’m taking it in and enjoying every minute.

I’m also getting back into the swing of things with the Students in Software Engineering. This semester we’re offering fewer meetings with an emphasis on creating community and providing useful knowledge. We’re starting off right with a lecture by Herb Krasner on the cost of quality in software. I’m looking forward to it!

Also, while I’m on campus I’m working out again! I’m going with my brother-in-law, Ryan, which gives us a good opportunity to get our beach bodies back while chatting about life. The exercise beyond biking is necessary—I can’t let the Three Kings down.

Then there’s IBM. Unfortunately, they’ve been laying people off and I’m left a little uncertain of my position. It’s stressful, but I’ll manage.

So that’s what’s keeping me busy. What’s up with you?