Do Simple Minds Lead to Healthy Bodies?

Do simple minds lead to healthy bodies? Animals are simpler than humans, and their physical abilities are incredible. In general, animals are lean and strong while humans are trending towards… well, not lean and strong :)

I make money using my brain, not my brawn. My thought-intensive labor pays well, and I use the pay for food—among other needs and wants. I don’t use my body to obtain food, and I don’t use my body to get paid; that means I have to consciously exercise this human machine. At the same time, food is easily accessible. Add to this reality the fact that thinking makes us fat (because the act uses glucose which destabilizes insulin levels and makes us hungry).

On the other hand, dogs do not have to work nor hunt for food, yet they are fit. Dogs live to run around. You can throw the ball forever, and they will continue to go full tilt, retrieve, return, and repeat. Their simple minds think chasing a ball is the best thing ever, and they don’t see it as exercise.

Children are the same way. No, I’m not calling your child a dog. However, children are simpler than adults and gleefully play all day. To simpler kinds, exercise seems to come easily: it is not necessary, it is not a chore, it is fun. We should approach exercise as children do. Find something active that you like, and do it. It is play. It is unstructured. They simply have too much energy and want to get rid of it. How can we do the same?