College Football Is Serious Business

As a Texan, I know football (American football, not soccer) is serious business. But whenever I say it, I am half joking. I grew up playing football; I went to a high school where athletics were a big deal; and now, my university makes a big deal about football. (UT does have a great football program, although I’d love to see research get some of those mega bucks—but that’s a different story entirely). I say, “I am half joking” because I know how serious football is, but I lament that shows (like Friday Night Lights) depict Texans as hat-wearing, beer-swilling cowboys who live for weekend football. We’re not all like that :)

And now that I’ve said my piece about football in Texas… here’s the story that inspired the post in the first place: A couple was killed over an argument over last week’s intense football game between LSU and Alabama. Alabama, one of the top teams in the nation, won in overtime. Some taunting between fans led to gunfire and two people dying. Sadly, college football is serious business.