Wipeout Is a Lot More Fun on the Drums

…than it is on a bike. Riding home from school yesterday I slipped into a rut, lost control, and wiped out. I felt myself going down and exclaimed “Oh no!” On a side note, I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they act in an uncontrolled situation. Notice, despite the fact that I normally cuss like a sailor, I exclaimed like a withered old man when I crashed.

Anyway, I hit on my left elbow, left knee, and right hand. The pedals scraped my right calf into a really cool pattern that looks like a tiger took a swipe at me—that’s the story I’ll give the ladies. I was basically in shock when it happened.

Luckily Dave was with me. He stopped riding and came back to help me up. He spot checked my bike and righted the handlebars then walked with me for a block. I was able to ride home after stopping at Dave’s to wipe up some blood. My body is sore, but I’m none the worse for wear!

Now that I’ve crashed, I’ve satisfied the requirement and I should be accident free for the rest of my life :)