Who Would Win in a Fight? A Praying Mantis or a Hornet?

If you’re anything like the guys over at www.japanesebugfights.com, you’ve probably asked yourself this question before. To find out the answer, check the footage out here.


  • I am not a Biologist; I don’t know what kind of critters the fighters are.
  • The footage may be disturbing if you’re an equal-opportunity animal lover.
  • The site is weird.

I watched a few of the battles and was surprised by some of the outcomes.

Seeing the bug fights, I’m tempted to start my own gladiatorial site: http://www.plantbattles.com/. I’ll plant two different species in the same pot and see who will win! I think dandelions will overtake poison ivy, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!