What Is PWAT N AUSTIN MOTO AUSTIN TX on My Credit Card?!

TL;DR: If you see “PWAT N AUSTIN MOTO AUSTIN TX” on your statement, it’s probably Painting with a Twist (PWAT).

Looking over my credit card statement I saw “PWAT N AUSTIN MOTO AUSTIN TX” and had no idea what it was. The random words made no sense to me.┬áTo make it even more confusing, my bank was categorizing the company as “Organizations – MISC SCHOOLS / EDUCATIONAL SERVICES”

Searching for the entire string led to results that were really keyed in on “MOTO AUSTIN” for some reason, which led to a lot of dead ends (we did not pay for motorcycle lessons or rent a motorcycle!).

After more searching I realized this charge is for Painting With A Twist! With that said, Painting With A Twist is a lot of fun. Andrea and I were able to quickly create some decent looking paintings in a relaxed environment.