Wedding Showers Bring May Flowers

Mike, Tahra, Andrea, and I drove to New Orleans last weekend for a Mire-Holloway wedding shower. Overall, it was a blast: great food, great music, and great company.

The food The trip could be defined by what we ate—New Orleans is definitely a food town. There were amazing meals at Acme Oyster House and the Bon Ton as well as our wedding shower.

The music New Orleans is full of street performers tootin’ on a horn or bangin’ on a drum—all while begging! Luckily there was a good live band at the shower with no strings attached.

The company I enjoyed meeting/seeing my future in-laws. There are lots of fun memories from the family and a few uniquely New Orleans characters. Wolfman Will sang some scat (read: spoke gibberish) before telling me he was the Woooooooooolfmaaaaaaaan Wheeeeeeeeel. Then there was the old guy who let us hold his trombone. And the bum yelling obscenities then asking for “tree fiddy!” Wait, that was the Loch Ness Monster! Long story short, I’m a few dollars lighter but rich in social currency and karma.

To cap it all off we received a pile of great presents. We should get married more often, or at least celebrate our anniversary with everyone else buying us presents :)