**UPDATE** Customer Service Debacles

I have felt a general lack of love from companies recently. Last night, after 7 hours of calling Japan Airlines and Vayama, I got a full refund on my now-cancelled honeymoon to Thailand. For those keeping track, I’m two for two on my customer service battles. I’m overjoyed at the outcome, but I remain greatly frustrated by the experience.

This morning I was thinking about truly pleasing customer service experiences. Sadly, the only one I thought of was a trip to Whataburger where they charged me for two meals when I only ordered one. I told the employee the situation and she immediately swiped my card and refunded me the $5 with no questions asked and no excuses. Needless to say, I love Whataburger and continue to destroy their #11 breakfast combo (in moderation) :)

Reflecting now I wonder 1) Have I really had so few positive customer service experiences? 2) Why can Whataburger help me immediately when other companies can’t or won’t? 3) Is service better in a culture where tradition and the greater good are important (i.e. Asia)?

Anyone else have experiences (positive or negative) they want to share?