Update: Common Sense Fix for the Economy

Well, one common sense fix for the economy was to drop capital gains taxes. Another one I found and really like is building infrastructure.

“A report card issued three years ago by the American Society of Civil Engineers gives it all a D. The society says we’ve got to spend about $1.6 trillion just to bring things up to a B-.”

Comments after the article reveal a lot of fiscal conservatism which I normally agree with. However, in my opinion a government should provide defense and infrastructure. The US is behind on health care, education, and technology (broadband Internet and cell phone services to name a couple). In order to maintain our position of power/esteem (I know people worldwide hate USA so I’m not sure what word to use, but you know what I mean), we must invest in infrastructure. America is too spread out to develop fully, but we can focus heavily on urban areas.

As a grad student I think we also need to increase research expenditures :)

This proposal is mired in long-standing debates and historical blunders, but I believe investing in infrastructure is a step in the right direction. I strongly believe that with the right systems in place, economic opportunities are infinite. Our odd blend of public and private systems is failing and needs serious reform.