Update: Bar Stool Economics

So I just received an explanation sans metaphor regarding the Bar Stool Economics; my analysis was off. The 10 people represent the US taxpayers broken into buckets by earnings. The top earning 10% (the tenth drinker) pay roughly 70% of the total tax dollars. Whenever the “lesson” was written, 59% was probably accurate—we are now more progressive. The bottom 50% of earners are not contributing much to the total pool (3.3% of the total dollars spent), so the bottom 5 drinkers would pay about $4 of the $100 tab in the analogy. The story makes sense; my bad.

Oh, and I didn’t mention it specifically but the estate tax sucks.

Also, from my purview, the government will never repeal taxes so taxes will always rise. As such, we should resist any new taxes.