Troopergate: Maybe Palin Wasn't Such a Good Choice

Friday, news of Troopergate finally broke. This report concludes that Palin is guilty of the same lapses of judgment that let her get into office in Alaska. There is controversy because Palin is claiming that the report cleared her of wrong-doing when, in fact, it did not. The always-in-a-hurry Veep has not paused for photos much less a decent interview. Many people are disgusted by the governess and her husband.

Another mini scandal involves Palin’s hometown. Wasila, Alaska removed building permits right before Palin had a nice home built. Who worked on the house? No one knows since there are no permits. Were the contractors paid, or did they work as a favor for the governess? No one knows since there are no permits.

And it gets worse still. At a rally she chastised supporters when she thought they were mocking her. ‘’I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest!“ This was a mistake and everyone makes mistakes—we all know that. However, I have to wonder if she could keep it together when talking to politicians (foreign and domestic). Politicians should be passionate, but not childish.

Palin is quickly becoming a liability and a laughing-stock. Compounding the VP’s problems are a weak presidential candidate. McCain’s supporters are yelling radical statements at rallies and McCain has been less than impressive in recent weeks. The wheels are coming off the once mighty McCain campaign!

The time is right for a multi party system!