The 2008 Presidential Election

Well, the campaign trail is heating up (meaning talk of the Olympics and Russia’s invasion of Georgia have taken a back burner) as Obama and McCain announce their running mates. I’ll preface my comments by saying that I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal—in other words, libertarian. (I believe that everyone follows that same ideology (whether they realize it or not), but that’s beside the point.) I believe in a multi-party system where with candidates who have solid opinions and personal integrity. As such, I will not vote for either of the two major contenders, but I still have a few comments about each.


When is the last time he even did his job as a senator? Can we really trust him to do his job as president, or will he spend months on his ranch? Beyond his less than stellar track record, he’s using some old-school negative advertisements. Finally, the guy is old. Considering him as an average white male who is almost 72, he has about 10 years left. Personally, I want someone with a little more vigor.


He’s young and naive. I’m worried that the candidate campaigning for change is moving more and more to the center—where politics have been for years. An entire generation behind this charismatic rock-star politician. Imagine their dismay when the candidate for change turns out to be the same-old hack. He already abandoned his pastor of 20 years, what’s to say he won’t continue to slough off the very things we believed in him for? Someone should make Obama flip-flops.

Second, as an American who has traveled abroad in the past eight years, I know how much the rest of the world dislikes us. We have to repair our tarnished image. The Clinton war machine would have been a better choice on this front.

In the end, it’s not up to me; it is up to everyone. May the best person win.