Summer Movies: So Far, So Good

I’ve been impressed with movies recently. Sure, it’s not cinematic gold nor radically different plotlines, but I’ve been genuinely entertained. Andrea and I have been on a movie-a-week kick; here’s what we’ve seen and I/we thought.

Wanted: entertaining. It may not be the most believable movie ever, but it was definitely entertaining. There are a number of movies with more plot holes and impossible physics much larger than this one. I applaud the studios for putting out something fresher and less predictable. Honestly, it’s never a bad thing when a movie shows Angelie Jolie’s backside :)

Don’t Mess with the Zohan: entertaining. We laughed a good portion of this movie. John Turturro is hilarious, as usual. This role cannot compete with The Jesus, but then again, “you don’t fuck with the Jesus!” This movie got a little preachy, but the message important: Jews and Muslims should stop fighting and get along. Sidenote: why are all the movies now trying to have a plot complete with a resolution? What happened to silly movies like Monty Python’s Holy Grail that were hysterical movies thinly tied together? Thank you Jackass for being funny the entire time! God bless your stupidity for my amusement.

Hancock: entertaining. I felt somewhat betrayed by the previews, but the movie has some hilarious scenes while offering solid action, humor, and cutesy chick stuff ;) I actually expected a different ending, more mainstream ending, but (not give too much away) the current ending lends itself to sequels.

Independence Day at Master Pancake Theater: hilarious! The crew formerly known as Mister Sinus Theater never disappoints. Independence Day was trimmed from 2:20 to 1:45 and altered for increased hilarity. I did not remember the movie very well, so it was like watching a new movie.