Some Brain Food for Academic Thinkers

As the Fall semester starts, the MPC group has gained a few new students. As is tradition in the lab, we engage in a great deal of intellectual discourse¬†about the world, culture, programming, science, research, and academia. Over the years I’ve been gifted some amazing articles, so I thought I’d document them here for other academic thinkers, or, at worst, my own memory.

As an aside, I appreciate when professors make use of their tenure and take bold, public stances (though I don’t always agree with the stance). Some of these articles are edgy, but they’ll make you think.

I have another few essays to post, however, they don’t quite fit the general theme here so I’ll save them for later.¬†Without further ado, the reading list (in no particular order):

How many of these have you read? Am I missing other gems? Agree or disagree with one strongly? Let me know!