Religulous Is Worth Watching

Last night we watched Religulous, Bill Maher’s documentary on religion. While not a cinematic masterpiece or textbook documentary, the movie is really funny and very entertaining. Maher is openly biased the whole time—he says openly that doubt is his product and no one really knows—but that did not take away from the experience for me.

The movie brilliantly splices in hilarious clips and displays what Maher is thinking during interviews.These additions are hardly necessary given the cast. Maher managed to find some of the most eccentric religious superheros alive today; for example he talks to a marketing genius who claims to simultaneously be the second coming of Jesus and the Antichrist. (Sadly, the fellow has over 250,000 followers.) He visits the Netherlands where religious tolerance has caused a stir recently; while there Maher also meets a chap who believes in smoking pot (and that’s about it) as well as some other interesting figures.

A few interesting points the movie made:

  • 16% of Americans claim no religious affiliation, but there is no lobby for these people
  • Religion is bigoted and unproven: If religion were a private club, it would be shut down or operate in the shadows
  • Religion has been used to kill millions of people throughout the ages
  • No one really knows

Overall, it was really funny and concludes with a meaningful point.