Palin Is Irresponsible

Now that the four most important politicians have given their speeches and the debates have died down, we will get a flood of differing opinions on the upcoming election. First, I was surprised that a celeb gossip site would write about the Veep. Then, I was surprised when a middle-aged single mother CEO of a career advice website wrote about the VP. Penelope Trunk says that Palin is irresponsible and bound for failure based on her family life. The next day Trunk expresses her desire to see Palin balance the rigors of fame, extreme travel, and motherhood.

In general, it seems that a lot of people are saying Palin is irresponsible. I found a nice story on Palin’s irresponsibility, it turns out she flew to Texas while extremely pregnant. While waiting to give a speech, her water broke. How did she handle it? She gave the speech then got on a 10 hour flight back to Alaska, then went to the hospital and delivered the baby. It’s bad enough that she put her baby through hell, but it’s worse because she already knew the child had special needs (read, Down Syndrome). I’m glad she can get things done, but that’s completey irresponsible.

It feels like a lot of people are against the lipsticked-bulldog, so I am interested to see how the debates unfold and where the political coverage goes.