OMG! Did You Ride the New the Hills Bus Downtown? *SQUEEL*

Last night Andrea and I had a delightful meal at Cru; we were enticed to try the restaurant as part of Austin Restaurant Week where a number of pricey restaurants offer a special menu for less. Check it out if you’re feeling fancy.

But I digress. The point of this post is to convince you of my brilliant scheme! So here we go…

Shortly after we sat down a nicely dressed (I mean rich-looking) young woman came in. Thirty minutes later, three more classy (I mean rich-looking) young women showed up. The newcomers apologized profusely for being late and said they were looking for parking.

I found it odd that more people don’t ride buses downtown. It’s cheap, convenient, and avoids the hassle of parking. However, something tells me that my dining mates would never ride the bus because it is too cheap. So why not make pricey public transportation?

People want status; some people want to show their status with pricey items. It’s like gentrification in our transport. The plan is simple:

  • Set the price for riding so high that no riff raff can not afford the fare.
  • Make the buses luxurious.
  • Stop only at trendy locations.
  • Brand the buses with cosmopolitan (I mean vapid) shows like The Hills and Sex and the City.
  • Seed the first runs with celebrities.
  • Profit.

With the fancy buses in place the rich-looking ladies’ conversation about being late would change from “Sorry, we were trying to find parking” to “Oh my God! We rode The Hills bus downtown! It was so LC!”

Flawless! What do you think?