My Recent Interests

Having not played a game in months, I’ve had more time for other pursuits. Beyond reading more I’ve taken a healthy interest in economics, gardening, and sustainable living among other topics. I have to thank Mike and Hyrum (among others) for their input along the way; I’ve learned a lot from our intellectual discourse—learnin’ the way learnin’ was meant to be learned!

More recently I have started playing the drums again—a pastime I last enjoyed before entering college. While drums are a lot of fun, they’re more the vehicle for this funky white boy to work on his rhythm. My father sold my drums, but all is not lost. To counter this truly traumatic event, I bought Rock Band for the PS3 and have taken to pounding practice pads to colorful notes scrolling wildly across the television screen. Fun times!

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a stranger who said, “Selling my PlayStation was the best move I ever made.” He went on to explain that he now has time for other activities. Since I’m in the same position, I was particularly interested. My new friend admitted that he enjoyed playing games, so I pushed him and asked, “Why would you give up an activity you enjoy for one you do not? After all, isn’t life about happiness and pleasure?” “I can now do things that I will regret less later,” he replied. Hmmm. This was not the most eloquent statement he made (he was a very charismatic person), but the reply was essentially the same answer I would give. Here’s to doing things that we will regret less later! :–)