McCain-Palin 2008

As McCain chooses his running mate, a hurricane churns in the gulf all but overshadowing his choice of first-term Alaskan governess Palin. Now, with Gustav clear of the coast, the media turns their attention to the RNC and Palin.

Honestly, I was not going to say anything about the choice until I read’s coverage (here). Whenever a celebrity gossip blog covers the story, you have to take notice! I can’t help but feel I’m reading about Jamie Lynn Spears, not the vice president’s daughter! From the article:

  • “The McCain campaign revealed the news to rebut rampant rumors that Governor Palin’s infant son is actually her grandson and she faked her pregnancy to protect her daughter Bristol. You seriously just read all that, and I’m now 90% positive John McCain’s research involved picking this woman’s name out of of a hat.”

Truly a seemingly random pick. On the positive side, she is relatively young which offsets McCain’s age. She is a minority. Everything Obama or Hillary could say, the McCain camp can too (although I don’t think that VP is nearly as important as President). With the playing field more level, we’re left with the last positive aspect: beauty. I fear Americans are going to vote based on external traits rather than issues. As a beautiful person myself, I can tell you how Americans are smitten by good-looking people. Why vote based on issues? Let’s make this a beauty pageant!

As I said previously, I think McCain is nearing the end of his life and needs a strong vice president who could take over. Unfortunately, she’s “just your average hockey mom in Alaska”. I do not care for politicians, but they’re good at what they do. As you ascend the political ladder, you should be more politically savvy and capable of making things happen. Palin has skipped too many steps in the political ladder and simply does not have the network nor the know-how to get things done at the presidential level. McCain’s age and inability to lead make the choice even worse—he cannot cover for her—and if McCain expired, we would be left with an Alaskan hockey mom.

Also, I find it disturbing that Palin has children named Track, Trig, Piper, Willow, and Bristol (who is 17, unwed, and pregnant). I have an uncommon name, but those are over the top. I have to question the judgement of any parent that names their kid Trig. Does an odd name give a child strength? Does she like getting her children beaten up? Does Trig have some meaning, perhaps where/how he was conceived?

If you want to read it from someone with more credibility than me, check what Democratic strategist Begala said here. Intelligent, direct, funny.

Sarah Palin: no thanks.

And since I’m an idealist youngster, I’ll promote the multi-party system. Check out independent candidate Bob Barr!