Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

Recently Marky Mark was mimicked as part of a ridiculous skit from my favorite current SNL cast member, Andy Sandberg. I missed the broadcast since I don’t have NBC, but I’ve seen the skit online. (And honestly, I probably wouldn’t have watched SNL even if I had NBC.) Check it out:

“Hey goat! I like your goatee! I had a goatee like that in A Perfect Storm. Did you ever see that movie?… Say ‘hello’ to your mother for me!” Mark Wahlberg responded as anyone with a sense of humor should, by appearing on SNL to set the record straight. Check it out:

This episode of SNL was the highest rated in 14 years and featured Sarah Palin. She brought her folksy charm to America without adding any substance—she may be ready for politics after all.

Speaking of Mark Wahlberg; did anyone see Max Payne yet? It looks decent.