Local News: Show Me the Weather!

On my bike ride in ths morning I was thinking about weather again. While getting ready this morning I had the TV on. I would do a task then check the TV—no weather—so I’d do another task and check the TV—still no weather. All the while the news icon is taunting me in the bottom left corner of the screen. The simple graphic states the affiliate name and the temperature in a given area. Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and News 8 Austin were all roughtly the same icon. Why not put an umbrella sign if it is likely to rain?

Seriously. Augment the current graphic with an unobtrusive umbrella icon. Simple. Clean. Efficient. Helpful. Personally, I would still have the channel on for a few minutes each morning, so the channels do not need to worry about ratings. If anything, I’d watch the channel more often because they would reliably give me the information I wanted. except I would leave the house more informed and happier. I can dream!