I Want a Mac! Hackintosh to the Rescue

A lot of people I know use Macs. And a lot of people who don’t use Macs want to. The Apple ads are brilliant! No, I don’t think they’re entertaining or funny, but they are effective in converting PC users to Apple fanboys. Looking past the ads and into the hardware, we see a fairly standard machine. The software is what really sets Macs apart—OS X is pretty and easy to use. It is truly amazing that Macs can simultaneously support technogeeks (for example with a powerful command line) and the computer-illiterate. As they say about Macs, “they just work.” So well in fact that even musicians can use them :)

So why don’t I have a Mac? Because they’re extremely expensive. As I said, the hardware is nothing special, in fact, they now use standard Intel parts! That means the operating system adds an additional $1000 to the computer, and you can’t get the OS without buying a Mac. Until now!

As soons as Mac started using Intel hardware, people started hacking the hardware/software to allow generic machines to run OS X. These PCs-gone-Mac are cleverly titled Hackintosh. Hackintosh machines have come a long way! As more and more people try it out, the product will evolve and improve to where anyone can have their own Mac on the cheap.

I’m not sure what Apple’s strategy is, but I’d like to find out what the real back room talk is. It seems that selling the OS separately is worthwhile, especially when people are already distributing it.

What’s it worth to you? $800 for a hackintosh or $1400+ for a MacBook?