I Shed a Tear for the Future

Let’s all have a moment of silence for innovation in America. Bills such as the one just approved by the Senate are quickly stifling America’s ability to compete in a global economy. We’re worried about all the wrong issues! While America clings to power brokers of yesteryear, the rest of the world is evolving at a breakneck speed, generating new ideas and embracing new technologies. Very frustrating!

This comes on the heels of news about 84 students having their GMAT scores revoked because the offending students wrote what they remember from the GMAT on a web forum, and more Draconian crap from Disney.

The former story feels incredibly petty on the part of Graduate Management Admission Council (creators of the GMAT)—a pure power struggle. There is a whole industry built around providing a realistic testing experience before you take the test. Whenever I registered for the GRE I was mailed the PowerPrep software for free. PowerPrep is two full GRE tests that you can take to prepare for the real deal. That’s in addition to the test book I had. The test book I bought bragged about being realistic. How are these practice tests and test preparation books created if not by recalling information about the test after taking it? Count this as a loss for the good guys.

As for Disney’s proposal that filesharers should be banned from the Internet… wow. Following this scheme you would ban 80% of users within the first month. The other 20% would catch up soon thereafter. There are so many problems with the idea! For example, visit any web forum and you will find “illegal” content from images and videos to user guides and DRM circumvention methods. And that’s just a help forum. God forbid you find one of the many sites that allow for anonymous posting. Say we do ban people, then what? Once you’re “banned” how would we prevent the numerous unsecured ways to get online? No country successfully defends its own borders; the Internet only amplifies the number of issues.

The Internet is no longer a privelege, it’s a right. We rely on the Internet for help, fun, and education both personally and professionally. We expect ubiquitous access, at worst we have to pay—think airplanes offering Wi-Fi. I shed a year for the future given our current course. Don’t stand in the way of progress. We need educated people to discuss the Internet and how best to satisfy the stakeholder.