Go Visit Petite Pensieri at First Thursday Tonight!

After birthing a super cute baby boy, a good friend, Tahra, started a business selling handcrafted baby items (with another friend in a similar situation, Katie). The business, Petite Pensieri, is very inspiring; I have been impressed by so many elements! Tahra and Katie have shown tremendous initiative and their products are high-quality and useful.

From a technological standpoint, Etsy offers an amazing platform for handmade items. The service allows you to quickly and easily list items for sale. Etsy’s fees are quite reasonble: “It costs 20 cents to list an item for four months. When your item sells, you’ll pay a 3.5% transaction fee.” Shopify is a similar idea: you create an online storefront and they manage everything else for a fee. The monthly cost of Shopify ranges from $24 (for 100 products and a 2% transaction fee) to $699 per month (for 50,000 products and no transaction fee), so the two sites addresses slightly different needs. With some quick math I’d say Etsy is cheaper up to $1,600 worth of sales a month (24+0.02x = 0.035x –> 24 = 0.015*x –> 1600 = x). To be fair, Shopify wins if, for example, you want custom domain names and landing pages or selling goods that don’t qualify for Etsy.

Tonight, Tahra and Katie will be offering their awesome wares at First Thursday. If you’re around, go enjoy the experience and keep Austin weird (or at least local ;–))! If you’re going to a baby shower, buy something nice from Petite Pensieri and the baby will thank you later!