Final Debate: Obama Wins

The final presidential debate just concluded, and I believe Obama won.

Overall, Obama was more eloquent and presidential. He smiled politely and disagreed civilly. McCain brought up Professor Ayers but Obama did not reply with the Keating Five or Troopergate. While that was telling, my biggest beef with McCain tonight was based on an old adage: ‘If you don’t have your own ideas you attack others for theirs.’ McCain constantly picked on Obama’s plans instead of explaining his old beliefs.

Both politicians realize that people are tired of the same-old same-old, but then they give us more of the same. If we really want to reform politics, I believe we need to get new ideas. The best way to do that is to embrace the multi party system. Real mavericks are independents, so it’s no wonder that we have the same old Washington when there are only two choices.

In talking to people and watching political coverage, it seems that people hate the opposing candidate more than they like their own. How should that affect politics? How about voting For (+1) or Against (-1) on each candidate; the winner is the candidate with the highest score. Another idea is to simply offer each person a For (+1) or Against (-1) vote to use as they see fit. Those who hate Obama more than they like any other candidate could cancel their enemy out. There are a lot of ideas that could help promote democracy and break down partisanship.

Got any ideas? Did I miss something? Let me know!